Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke


Stroke development classes are for our advanced students who have passed our Learn to Swim program. We focus on developing proper stroke technique and the impact each body movement has on our position in the water. We break apart each stroke by refining one skill at a time in order to build a proficient and complete stroke. We teach all four competitive strokes in hopes to instill our passion for swimming and prepare strong swimmers who would like to participate on a swim or water polo team. Students come once or twice per week and classes are 20 minutes in length.

Monthly Tuition

Private classes are offered year round. Students can enroll at any time and stay for as many months as they choose.

Private Lesson
(One-on-One Instruction)
$157 per Month for one class per week

For the benefit of each child, we require an 8 lesson minimum.

Sibling Discount:  Second student receives $10 off per month.

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Freestyle Goals
• Horizontal body position with eyes looking down
• Smooth and efficient body rotation
• Arm is extended with hand reaching forward to begin pull
• Hand is cupped with fingers together during bent arm pull
• Hand pushes water forcefully all the way through to thigh
• Arm recovers with high elbows and hand enters with minimal splash
• Ear on shoulder during each breath
• Proper breath exchange while breathing to the side every 4 strokes
• Continuous and fast white water kicks throughout stroke

Backstroke Goals
• Horizontal body position with hips up
• Smooth and efficient body rotation
• Head stays steady with chin up
• Arm is extended with hand reaching backward to begin pull
• Powerful underwater pull with bent arms
• Hands forcefully push water all the way to thigh
• Straight arm recovery in line with the shoulders
• Hand re-enters pinky first with minimal splash during recovery
• Continuous, fast white water kicks without knees breaking surface of the water

Butterfly Goals
• Fluid and undulating body movement
• Proper head position primarily looking down
• Arms are parallel and hands reach forward before pull begins
• Underwater pull is strong with elbows bent
• Hands push water forcefully past thigh to gain momentum
• Arms are thrown over the water to recover
• Hands enter the water together with minimal splash
• Kicks with legs and feet together generating power from hips
• Two kicks per stroke (one large, one small)
• Head moves forward and chin is low during each breath
• Proper rhythm of arms, kicks and breaths

Breaststroke Goals
• Proper horizontal body position while staying on the surface of the water
• Arms are extended with hands side-by-side in glide position before pull begins
• Pulls in a high-elbow, scooping motion, but not past chest
• Hands shoot forward quickly with palms together under chin for recovery
• Glides with full extension and slight pause between each stroke
• Head rises with shoulders to breathe during each pull
• Strong powerful kick with feet flexed to launch body forward
• Fluid timing of breath during “pull, kick, glide” series

Level 6: Pre-Swim Team Goals
• Performs wall turns in all four competitive strokes
• Knows finishing touches to the wall in all four competitive strokes
• Efficiently does an underwater pull for breaststroke
• Swims a 100 Freestyle with flip turns
• Has endurance to swim 100 Individual Medley with proper turns and finishes