Awards & Testimonials


image028image027Learning how to swim takes a lot of effort and skill and deserves to be recognized. We love to see our students succeed and we honor them accordingly. Each time a student graduates from one swim level to the next, they will be awarded a special “Shark Award,” and mom and dad will receive a progress report to show what skills they have just mastered.  


Shore Shop

As an incentive (and also just for fun) your child can select a small prize from the “The Shore Shop” each day after their swim lesson. Incentives can be a wonderful way to reward eager students to continue learning and motivate reluctant swimmers to be “brave” in the water. Prize choices include stickers, tattoos, bracelets and seashells for young collectors.

Birthday Box

We love to celebrate special occasions with our swimmers. After their lesson on the week of their birthday, they pick a special treat out of our treasure box.


What an awesome, awesome school! I never thought Tallon could swim without strangling someone.
— Roger

Kyla has grown leaps and bounds since she’s been here. Thank you! — Christopher

Sophia had a great time and learned so much while she was here. THANKS!!! — Michelle

Thank you all for everything. We loved everything about Swim to Shore. — Zach

The instructors are great with the kids… so full of energy!!! — Barbara