LEARN TO SWIM : Levels 1-3

image011Our goal is to have our students feel as comfortable in the water as they do on land. Our instructors provide a warm, loving and encouraging environment where special and trusting relationships are developed with each student. We promote learning by offering both fun and challenging lessons. By working towards daily goals, we strive to make progress during each lesson.

Our learn-to-swim classes are for beginners and are designed to develop safe swimmers.  We thoroughly invest in the foundation of swimming, which is breath control, buoyancy and balance in the water.  We practice these skills in various ways to develop water comfort and confidence.  Once these foundational skills are established, students work to master all the elements involved with safe and successful swimming, which includes kicking, pulling, proper breathing and returning to the wall for safety.

These private classes are three levels deep and are designed to develop safe and confident swimmers who love the water as much as we do. Students come once or twice per week and classes are 20 minutes in length.

Monthly Tuition

Private classes are offered year round. Students can enroll at any time and stay for as many months as they choose.

Private Lessons
(One-on-One Instruction)
$157 per Month for one class per week

For the benefit of each child, we require an 8 lesson minimum.

Sibling Discount:  Second student receives $10 off per month.

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Level 1 Goals
•    Comfortable going under water without coaxing
•    Glides independently to the instructor and back to the step, with eyes looking down
•    Floats on their tummy and back
•    Jumps into the water without goggles and has an understanding of how to get to safety

Level 2 Goals
•    Swims to the bottom of the pool to retrieve rings with assistance
•    Glides to and from the instructor with eyes down, using arms, white water kicks, and rolls over and maintains a survival float for 10 seconds
•    Independently back glides with kicks to the instructor
•    Jumps into the water, rolls over into a survival float and kicks back to the wall safely
•    Climbs out of the pool independently

Level 3 Goals
•    Retrieves diving toys with a surface dive or frog scoops and swims back to the step
•    Swims beginning form of freestyle across the pool with straight arm recovery, white water kicks, and roll-overs to breathe
•    Swims 1 lap of beginning form backstroke with basic straight arms and white water kicks
•    Ready to enter the stroke development program