What are the benefits of one-on-one private instruction?

Private lessons are 100% devoted to meeting the individual needs of each student by adapting each lesson to the student’s specific learning style, personality type and developmental stage of readiness. You will pay for full lesson time, rather than paying money to have your child wait his/her turn on the step.

How warm is the water?

We keep our water at a toasty 90-91 degrees to promote optimal learning.

At what age should my child learn to swim?

The sooner, the better! All children under the age of 5 are at the greatest risk around any body of water, whether it is as small as a bucket or as big as the ocean. We encourage all children and even babies as young as 6 months old to get in the water and start learning swimming and safety skills.

Are your instructors certified?

We are wholeheartedly committed to hiring and training the most professional and qualified staff. All of our instructors have current certifications in CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard Training. In addition, our instructors have extensive training in water safety, learn to swim progressions and competitive stroke development. We have been active members of the United States Swim School Association for almost 20 years and regularly attend national conferences to further our water safety education.

What are the benefits of swimming year round?

Attending on-going monthly swim lessons is essential for your child to advance their swim skills and help ensure the greatest chance of survival in case of a water emergency. Students will not only learn new skills by swimming year-round, but they will retain the skills they’ve already mastered. Continuous practice builds confidence, and confidence breeds successful swimmers.

What will my child need to bring to class?

Children over the age of 4 will need to bring a bathing suit and a towel. We will provide everything that’s needed for the lessons. Children ages 3 and under will need to bring a cloth, reusable swim diaper whether potty trained or not. Swim diapers are available to purchase at our facility.

How quickly will my child learn how to swim?

Unfortunately there is no way to predict how fast a child will learn. All children learn at a different speed depending on their comfort level in the water.

How long is each private lesson?

Private lessons are 20 minutes in length. Because there is only one child in the class, students will be actively learning for the entire lesson rather than sitting on the step taking turns with several students in a group class.

What if my child is afraid or cries during the lesson?

Parents must be prepared that it may take longer for their child to overcome his fear in the water. Our instructors are very experienced working with fearful children and work eagerly to earn their trust. Once trust is established, the fearful child starts to relax.

Am I too old to learn how to swim?

Absolutely not! Whether adults or older children have fears to overcome or just want to refine their technique, it is always rewarding for us to be a part of their success.